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Honiahaka Dogs are available for film and photography work, music videos, meet and greets, weddings and corporate events.

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News and Updates

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made the decision to keep ourselves and our team safe so will not be attending any shows in 2020.
All being well, we will be doing a meet and greet the dogs in Essex, in a safe environment for all later in the year. If you would like an opportunity to meet some of the Inuits and wolfalikes then please drop me a message to reserve your space.

Interested in learning more about our dogs, then why not come along to one of the events we will be attending in 2021 and say hello.

Calendar of Events

Due to Covid-19 all our events is on hold until further notice!

Most of our Dogs now have their own pages so you can see each dogs pedigree and watch them grow, We are working on those who haven’t and will try to update them as soon as we can.

We hope you enjoy our new website. We are open honest people, and like our puppies to go to loving forever homes with people who are happy to become part of a large family. The kettle’s always on and the dogs are always pleased to meet new people so drop us an email if you are interested in meeting us and becoming owned by one of our wonderful wolfie dogs.

We are in the process of setting up this new website which will be a mirror our old one, this will eventually replace that one so don’t forget to bookmark it.

Our Northern Inuit dogs are registered with the Northern Inuit Society But future litters and out-crosses will be independently registered, or registered with the International Wolfalike Companion Registry. We adhere to a strict code of ethics and always have done, we do not need to have a star rating or colour system to baffle owners into choosing us. Our dogs and their social abilities speak for themselves. Our puppies are brought up using the puppy culture method and have done for many years, we find that using most of their methods gives you a well rounded pup.

Our dogs and the way they are brought up speak for themselves.

Based in Essex/London UK

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Our Kennel name “Honiahaka” is Cheyenne for ” Little Wolf ” 
( Registered with the UK kennel club)

We are Tracey, & Andy  we live on a small farm in Essex UK.

We have had wolfalike dogs since 2003,Our first being Shakira aka  wolfy who was a Utonagan and before this have owned German  shepherd dogs.

We are owned by some wonderful Northern Inuit Dogs –   Wolfalikes and American wolfdogs.

In 2005 we purchased 2 Northern Inuit puppies. Anya and Saskia- The girls opened up a whole new world to us and were the ones who got us hooked on this breed.

Kas Turned up next to be our future stud dog but sadly had terrible hips so stayed and became our puppy nanny so to speak.

We Kept one of Anya’s pups from her 1st litter, lovingly known to us as “Moley or Princess Moley”, (Honiahaka Inuit Spirit), who stole my heart and soon became my soul mate and best friend. She ruled the roost and was a complete spoilt brat and mummies girl. Sadly Moley died suddenly in August 2016, and broke many a heart and left us in state of shock when she left us.

Adding to our ever increasing pack, we kept two pups from Saskia’s 1st litter, Tiva (Honiahaka Tiva) a Black and white girl and Bear (Honiahaka Snow Bear) a white boy, who were both true stunners in their own right.

We then added a stud dog on board, known as Squims, who turned out to be a true head turner and did very well in the show ring. He became a Northern Inuit Society Champion dog the second dog to ever get the title, his dad being the first . Mahlek Quimiq at Honiahaka has sired some of the loveliest Northern Inuit puppies around.

We then added Lelou aka Louie (who was brought up by Moley) to our increasing pack, she is the image of Moley and has one of the lowest scoring hips in the Northern Inuit Dog of just 0-0,( the other being a Honiahaka girl we bred) she also has a 0-0 Elbow score too. Louie has never been an easy girl to get in pup but has blessed us with 7 beauties before retiring.

Who could resist Kizzy (Honiahaka Kizzy Kon tikki) from Moley’s 2nd Litter, she stole our hearts straight away so is here to stay ( Kizzy means stay put ) and here our giant girls were born.

Mahlek Ochi Memorian Bona Fratre at Honiahaka AKA Ochi Joined the Honiahaka pack as a stud dog, he is very laid back and has sired some stunning puppies and doing wonderful in the show ring. Lovingly known as the “Dufus dog”

We also kept a girl from Moley’s 3rd and final litter. She is our amazing wolfy girl with a temperament to die for .Honiahaka Kioku no kokoro no Kami AKA Kami , a true Alpha female, check out her page to see what her name means. Kami has been a prolific show winner at most of the wolf a like breed shows, proving that low/no wolf content dogs can still out shine the wolf dogs, This girl has it all…Kami has been staring on the TV in adverts and small films this last few years.

2 more beauties joined our pack, the first being our most gorgeous dark timber girl Dream,( Honiahaka Dream a little Dream) a home-bred girl from Kizzy and Spirit, who lives up to her name, and is doing exceptionally well in the show ring, and has also been doing photography and film work this passed few years.

Next is our beautiful Hope, lovingly known as Kat (Machine Lady Sirius for Honiahaka) who has joined us from Machine Northern Inuits, she has the most amazing grey/yellow eyes and is very feline.

2 More kids joined the pack.. We were very lucky to be offered the chance of owning the most wolfest boy ever, and who could pass it up…Spirit aka Olderhill Alpha Winter’s Sunset joined our pack and has sired the most amazing pups for us..We used spirit as a stud before we were offered him to live with us, Sadly Spirit passed away of a broken heart 10 days after his true love Moley and is now with the love of his life over the rainbow bridge.

Our homebred boy Yuri came to stay as his owner wasn’t coping too well and stopped with us until he found the perfect home, Yuri is jointly owned by us, and is available at stud..Honiahaka Spirit of Destiny is a spirit and Moley son and has gone on to sire some lovely pups.

Then along came Angel..( Honiahaka Miracle of Angels) .our true miracle baby, full younger sister to Dream and a real beauty.

This Dark beauty stole our hearts and what a stunner she has turned in to…Dreams daughter Elsa ( Honiahaka Tourmaline Dreams), Elsa lives with and keeps the wolfdogs in check.

Then my mid life crisis struck and the American wolfdogs arrived, Stunning animals but not for the faint hearted and certainly not for your every day pet owner, or even experianced dog owner come to that.

Meet Mona aka American Dreams for Honiahaka And Troy Wylie Coyote at Honiahaka

Eden was the next to stay, a sweet wolf grey girl just like her mummy louie. Honiahaka Santa Baby.

Next is our new boy Kootz, the first of our outcross litters, a stunning dark timber boy with a double helping of giant genes on both parents side.
Honiahaka Nova The Incredible Journey

our 3rd and final American wolfdog arrived in 2017, she is from an amazing breeder and is the easiest out of the 3.
Lola is from The Filmwolf Family and has a great future ahead of her.

Our Wonderful hombred Girl Lupa. How could we let this one go. A real darling and show stopper

We now also have Lupa’s brother Drake back at Honiahaka, where he will now stay and become a big part of the pack

An unexpected trio turned up early 2018 and we took them into the fold, not all live here but are in joint ownership with us.
Here are Kaos, Vella and Draco.

Draco available for outside Stud duties

Oh Jimmy Choo, the one that wasn’t meant to stay, the one that didn’t fly the nest when he should have. Looks like you are here to stay. Whats one more they say.

Demi where did you pop up from.
Nordic Wolfdogs Delphox at Honiahaka.

The last girl born to our Dream, the one that had to stay. Honiahaka Nova Chocolate Fondant.

What’s one more I hear you say !!  We needed a Finn baby in our pack.
Fireborn Fall of Light made for Honiahaka 

I can honestly say the ark is well and truly full now…No room for any more !!