Honiahaka “Acting Wolves”

Several of the Honiahaka Wolfalikes, Northern Inuits and American Wolfdogs are available for film, photography work, music videos, meet and greets and corporate events. We can offer visits at our farm as well as go on location – please contact us for further information and we will try to meet your demands. But remember, our animals come first so we might reject your request if we feel it’s unsafe or too difficult for our dogs.

Our “acting wolves” are willing to please and they have experience in front of the lense, both for conventional portraits to elaborated fashion shoots. See example of our work below in our photography portfolio. We have also done film work for shows and commercial videos which you can see an example of in our Filmwolf Uk Portfolio.

Some of our wolfalikes and wolfdogs have passports and are able to travel overseas if needed, but due to our large expanding “Honiahaka Family” we can offer “acting wolves” in these following countries.

  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • USA
  • Sweden

Please contact us at acting-wolves@honiahaka-wolfalike.co.uk for more information.

Salli Gainsford Photography

We at Hoiahaka Wolfalikes, Northern Inuits and American Wolfdogs work closely with the amazing photographer Salli Gainsford, therefore we have dedicated a separate page for our work together.

Salli Gainsford Gallery

Magic Owen Photography

The finished product.

Andrew McGibbon Photography

Darryl white Photography-Dogigami


Vincent Pohl VMPhoto

Hannah Davis Photography

Portrait X Photography