Puppy news and information

All matings here at Honiahaka are planned in advance, all dogs are of age and all health tests are carried out before dogs are mated.

Getting a puppy from us!

**Please Note**

If you have not placed a deposit others that have, will get priority.

Unlike most breeders We only breed our dogs when we are looking to keep a pup ourselves or we have a full waiting list. It is unlikely that a pup will be available without being on our waiting list.

Puppies Born at Honiahaka, are brought up as part of our family in a loving clean indoor environment, with the hustle and bustle of a busy family home, they will learn as much as possible whilst in our care and will be subjected to different sights and sounds, they will be vet checked when born and again before they leave. They will also have had back dew claws removed for safety. No pup will leave here without a clean bill of health.

Our puppies will be lavishly raised on good quality food, we agree with weaning our pups on raw, but are also aware that this is not convenient for everyone so will duel wean. They will be wormed every few weeks from birth, will be microchipped, have their  first injection and be collar and hopefully paper trained, uppies listen to a sounds CD on a daily basis to get them used to the noises  of the big wild world.
We use the “Puppy culture” method and have done for years with much success. They are socialised from a very young age. We encourage our puppy owners to visit their pup on a weekly or fortnightly basis to encourage early bonding.

Puppies will come home with the following: 

*  A International Wolfalike Companion Registry  5 Generation Pedigree Certificate.

* A collar & Lead, a Honiahaka dog Tag,

* 4 weeks free Insurance with pet plan.

* A large puppy pack (including Food, Blanket/toys) and puppy care advice sheets plus other goodies too.

* A large Honiahaka throw or dog bed.

* You will also be added to an Owners group on Facebook ( if you do not have an account, we suggest opening one just for this ) where you will receive untold advice from us and other puppy owners.

We do Issue a contract to be signed by ourselves and the new owner (please ask to see a copy on your visit). We are also here for you and your puppy for life. Puppies will not leave here before they are 8 weeks old !!

We have no secrets here at Honiahaka, nothing is hidden, unlike other breeders we are an open book, if any of our pups are unwell all owners are notified of  this and it is posted on our puppy page for all to see.

For any reason you are unable to keep your Honiahaka puppy, it is to be returned to us free of charge, so we can find it a suitable new home.

Gallery of our Whelping Box and puppy pen