Our Wolfalike Girls

Here we will post the out-crosses we keep, some will go back into the breeding program whilst others will be just our pets and dog models.

The aim of our wolfalike out-cross program is to create a healthier wolfy looking dog whilst maintaining the temperament and family loving nature of our  wonderful Inuits. All of our wolfalike dogs go back to some of the  original Northern Inuit lines, and some of our older Honiahaka Lines which in turn enables us to keep the size and temperament we are renowned for.

Even though we don’t call our wolf-a-like dogs Wolfdogs, we can’t say they are without wolf content. We make sure both parents are DNA tested with a company called “Embark Vet” which will give us the percentage of the dog breeds as well as wolf content in each animal. As we can’t guarantee that the DNA tests will show that our wolfalikes will be completely free from any wolf content we do not sell puppies to people that live in countries or regions where any wolf content in a dog is banned.